We are currently seeking for potential candidates to become our affiliates.

To become an Affiliate you will need to meet basic some requirements such as possessing a motorcycle, a valid driver's license and good command of the English language, spoken and written. Applying candidates will additionally need to:
- provide evidence of their services quality
- demonstrate safe and responsible driving skills
- show their passion about the country/city they live in

As soon as we confirm that you are an ideal candidate, we can start working together in order to make your business visible to the world. We will support your business development with hints, ideas, and experience shared by other affiliates.

Being part of a global network with high quality standards, will allow people to reach your business more rapidly and you will gain easy access to all the marketing efforts shared by everyone in the network in order to increase the demand for your services. Please keep in mind that your satisfied clients will potentially become the next client for the remaining affiliates and vice versa.

Get the current available locations listed by area, in our homepage:

You may apply by sending an email to address below and provide us:
Name, Age, Country, City, Motorcycle(s) you ride, Mobile, Website.

Let us know about yourself, your city's highlights, explain why you want to join us and write a brief introduction about the services you are planning to develop.

Email us: contact email

Affiliation Costs

Affiliate Fee
15 EUR/year - mandatory (list your business in

Affiliate Website
15 EUR/year - optional (set up your business .com domain and basic website)

Services Listing
10 EUR - optional (list your services in relevant booking platforms)

Social Media
free (time saving setup for social media pages, e.g, facebook, tripadvisor, etc)

Kick Start Hints